Sans Souvenir (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Josephine Tansara
Project Type: Student Project
School: School of Visual Arts
Course: Graphic Design Portfolio
Tutor: Min Lew
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Conceptual Souvenir Packaging
Packaging Materials: Can

The definition of souvenir itself is a thing that is given, or kept as a reminder, or of a memory, of a person, place or event. But sometimes the things that remind us of these things are things we cannot physically touch. For example, when we travel to the Swiss Alps, we would remember the beautiful clouds that we see, and wish that we could bring it with us, but know that we can’t because it’s not a physical object. This conceptual project brings this notion to reality. This line of souvenirs consist of canned non-physical objects that humans can’t touch, but can be felt, and mentally perceived.

What’s Unique?
Souvenirs are usually perceived as something physical, this project shows otherwise. Introducing a new way of looking at what souvenir could be.