Edge – Powder Mix Paint (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Jacob Bang
Project Type: Student Project
School: Academy of Art University
Course: Packaging & Branding
Packaging Content: Powder Mix Paint
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA

Hunting the Higgs is a visual journey throughout the world of particle physics. The book aims to show the findings of the god particle and in what it will come to affect our world.

Hunting the Higgs is a sixty page editorial piece that aims to explain the discovery of the Higgs particle. The approach to this project was to create a visual theme for a world unknown for the human eye. The book brings the reader into a journey under the physical world into particle physics. Furthermore the book aims to explain the outcome of the discoveries made through the CMS in Switzerland. How particles interact and relate to each other and thoose reactions could visually take form was the main challenge of this project.