Mano de la Brisa

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Design Agency: Cheeeeese
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mano de la Brisa
Location: Spain
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil

The Cortijo Mano de la Brisa olive trees lie close to the Strait of Gibraltar and therefore benefit from the Andalusia heat and the soft sprinkle of moist winds. The olive trees are grown in full respect of their identity and their ecosystem, the producers have privileged a pure and biological product without the use of pesticides or herbicides. To support an ecological approach all waste produced is recycled within the production itself, creating a virtuous circle that respects the environment. The olives are harvested by hand to avoid any damage to the product and preserve its quality.

The Mano de la Brisa Olive oil comes in two different blends; the Mano de la Brisa Intensa, a strong oil with a moderate bitterness and the Mano de la Brisa Dulce that is soft and balanced.

Mano de la Brisa asked Cheeeeese to help them create and develop their entire identity.

The Mano olive oil’s identity is built around purity and simplicity. Cheeeeese (Geneva) centred the design on the nature of the product itself; a transparent bottle puts forward the olive oil’s high quality. The images revealed through the olive oil illustrate the hand picking of the olives and the respect of the product.

The logo was designed to represent the closed circuit, without any exterior additions, in which the olive oil is produced; the circuit finishes by the tap out of which the finished olive oil will come out.