Lapin Blanc Absinthe

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Funs Kurstjens
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Cologne, Germany
Packaging Contents: Absinthe

Lapin Blanc Absinthe – Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole

Bright green, a burning sugar cube, a pretty art nouveau lady on the label and somehow out of bounds. These are the features that for decades have come into people’s heads when they think of Absinthe. Presenting the highly alcoholic wormwood spirit in a different, more unconventional manner was the reason for collaboration between two one-man companies. The designer Funs Kurstjens and the owner of “Dr.Seltsam’s Absinth-Kontor” Daniel Werle undertook to do this. Their aim was to create a new identity for a new customer base.

An external departure from the bohemia of the end of the 19th Century with its restricted creative framework, while retaining the original contents and top quality.

Absinthe has always been the drink of the creative and free spirits, and its effect is said to go beyond the usual alcoholic intoxication. One glass of Absinthe transports one to a different world where you see fantastic things, Oscar Wilde once said.

Many others, including Hemingway and Van Gogh, had their own anecdotes regarding Absinthe. There is no evidence that Lewis Carroll was also an ‘Absintheur’, but his novel “Alice in Wonderland” is packed with bizarre events. Follow the white rabbit and there you are in Wonderland. The “Lapin Blanc Absinthe” brand was born as a result. The next task was to develop the white rabbit, a well-known symbol of fantasy, into a contemporary and minimalistic design. The sleek design of the bottle promises as much mystery as one of the overloaded, classic labels.

The birthplace of Absinthe is Switzerland. In order to safeguard its origin and quality, “Lapin Blanc Absinthe” is produced today from local wormwood, anise, fennel and other selected herbs according to the best distillation tradition in Val de Travers. The calm and care of Swiss distillers make this Blanche a top class Absinthe.

What’s Unique?
Presenting the highly alcoholic wormwood spirit in a different, more unconventional manner.