Derrick Lin


Designer: Diego Ballester
Project type: Produced, Commercial work
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Mendoza, Argentina

Ver Sacrum is a new, transgressive and very ambitious project “crazy” innovative grape producer Eduardo Soler with other partners to produce wines of the grape varieties of the Mediterranean.

When the old sent their young to found new villages, bringing grape vines to start new vineyards, they gave off by a ceremony called the sacred spring or Ver Sacrum. Since then, the Ver Sacrum is a symbol of the new tribe, new art, new vine. We renew this ancient vow, with the audacity to create something new … This is our Ver Sacrum.

Institutional and packaging design image with a different style, inspired by the “art noveau” return to nature. Using shapes and wavy, free and almost never straight, with overflow details but in a sense calm and elegant colors, the delicate, pale and very sensual female figures lines.