Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Springetts Brand Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Car care range
Location: UK

The London Oil Refinery Company’s Astonish brand is relaunching its car care range for the UK and abroad, designed by Springetts Brand Design.

The Car Care range needed an update to bring it in line with the current masterbrand design and the new designs had to appeal to the range’s car-loving audience.

Says Springetts design director, Sue Bicknell, “Our response to the brief was to create an iconic ‘A’ motive and ‘Astonish Car Care’ logo inspired by luxury car badges and motor racing insignia. We then introduced glossy black packaging to echo the bodywork of expensive cars. Strong, stylish photography mimics the imagery often seen in car advertising.”

For the purpose of the imagery, a unique Astonish car was rendered digitally in-house so it could be used in variety of ways – in close up, facing left, facing right etc.

Product names and descriptors have been kept simple, as the imagery on pack is a vital part of the communication hierarchy. The language is straightforward and precise and roundels are used to pull our key product claims (‘leaves a streak free shine’, for the ultimate professional finish’, ‘concentrated stain removal system’).