Xkik’ Chocolate

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Creative Agency: Bienal Comunicación
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Xkik’ Chocolate
Location: Mérida, México
Packaging Contents: Mexican Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

XKIK’ is a journey to the roots of Mexico, where the magic of cacao is found and treasured.

María Madero is deeply passionate about Mexican art and gastronomy. She combines the long family history of knowledge and tradition about cacao with a commitment to social responsibility by working with local producers with the aim to select the best cacao grains to craft a product rich in exotic aroma and flavors. The result is a chocolate with a soul.

The name is inspired on the tale from the Popol Vuh about the rebel princess Xkik’, mother of the magical twins the Son and the Moon, and who is a link between the Heavens, the Earth and Xibalba, the Mayan Underground. A link that brings out the best of each one. The branding image was designed by working hand to hand with Maria, whose amazing watercolors and paintings served as an inspiration to craft an organic and artistic design, where the union of the lines, the colors and the Mexican ingredients become a celebration of the richness of the cacao grains.

What’s Unique?
Using cocoa and ingredients from different parts of the country, Xkik’ manages to create chocolate with unique flavors. We worked together with the client to create a chocolate bar with perfect portions, which allows the optimal tasting and enjoyment of the flavors of each kind of chocolate.