Geoponiko Olive Oil



Design: Corn Studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Geoponiko”, i.e. Agricultural in Greek language, is produced at the region of Paiania in Attica, Greece, by Nikologiannis family. Over the past 400 years, Nikologiannis family has been cultivating olive trees only to produce the top grade of olive oil. The name of the product is quite defining of the family’s professional approach. With four of them holding M.Sc. in Agriculture Science, they combine a scientific background with a valuable experience that is transferred across generations. In the 5th Olive Oil and Olive Festival (2012) organized by the European Organization of Strategic Planning, “Geoponiko” Olive Oil won the Βronze Αward for Τaste.

What’s Unique?
New and polished identity & packaging to give the brand a stronger sense of origin and tradition, as well as elegant elements that will make it stand out from competitive brands. That was our goal when redesigning the packaging of “Geoponiko” Olive Oil. We went for a clear glass bottle that reflects the oil’s density and pretty harvest-fresh colour, while it offers better protection for the oil than other materials.

The linear logo and the simple & neat typography prevail within the white background, which is selected to help this all-natural product showcase its purity. Gold colour is finally used to match the product’s colour and premium character.