Chinese Beancake

Derrick Lin


Design: Yuexin Huo
Project Type: Concept
Location: Providence, United States
Packaging Contents: Beancake (snacks/dim sum)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Corrugated Cardboard (E-flute)
Printing Process: UV printing, Spray painting

Package design for Chinese beancakes, which are famous traditional Chinese snacks. The product line includes four different flavors differentiated by their colors: Mung Bean Cake (green-bean cake), Soybean Cake (yellow-bean cake), Adzuki Bean Cake (red-bean cake), and Mixed-Ingredient Cake (cake with eight treasures.)

The product names are printed with fluorescent paints to give a bright look. Each package would have 12 small cakes of different surface patterns, which are laser-cut and presented on the surface of the package. Such laser-engraving processes cost very little and they very well show the characteristics of the package by adding 3-dimensional. The entire package is constructed out of E-flute cardboard only to emphasize environmental awareness.

What’s Unique?
Form of presentation: The design utilizes the natural earth-tone color of corrugated cardboard with engraved details combined with the fluorescent paint that shows the flavor on two different visual levels create unique points of contemplation for the presentation.

Printing technique: The physical shape of the package itself is part of the presentation, and it’s realized by laser-engraving.

High-end Chinese beancake: Targeted for American Chinese, this snack has never gone into the high-end market in the U.S. until now.