Folks patisserie

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Design: Olena Fedorova
Project Type: Produced
Client: Folks patisserie
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Sweets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: offset printing, Foil stamping

Folks is a patisserie that sells sweets and emotions. Emotions are something people forget about when they are immersed in everyday routine. Carefree, joy, a sense of love, curiosity – many have forgotten about the fundamentals of happiness. We want to help our client reflect that.

What’s Unique?
In the process, we tried to create a design derived from the Memphis style. Something that would be so rich in texture and varied in color, but would not cause aggression in perception, because the Memphis style due to the sharpness & the provocative textures is aggressive and sometimes can cause the emotion of the discomfort and fatigue of the supersaturation of the forms.

We replaced the small and sharp textures in the smoothness of the handwriting & we changed pure spectral colors to more saturated berry colors. We decided that for the logo the best option is a handwritten inscription that also contains the emotional component of the food philosophy.