Design: Afterhours
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ib Oyerinde
Model Photographer: Ruth Rose
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Fashion clothes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, paper, tissue paper
Printing Process: Digital

Positioning, identity, garment branding, packaging and website design for luxury fashion brand Lola Tara, the debut collection for which features jumpsuits and playsuits exclusively.

The brand idea centres around the insight that choosing to wear a jumpsuit is a bold and liberating choice: A single piece that the wearer can style in her own unique way offers more freedom to just dress and seize the moment in life. The alternative trouser silhouette makes a bold, strong statement whilst also allowing the freedom to wear anywhere. This chic, low maintenance outfit is perfect when travelling, working or partying defining its pieces as the choice for women who are confident, bold and constantly on the move in life.

The resulting identity features a typographic style which identifies a figure/ bold silhouette in the form of the three A’s in the logo and rolls this out to create the broader typographic style. The figures reflect the silhouette the pieces create and also represent the three strong women behind the brand: The founder, her mother (Lola) and her sister. As the A figures roll out across the identity it symbolises the tribe of Lola Tara growing and stretching out across the globe.

The founder is a fashion model living in the USA and Europe with roots in Nigeria, living a life that embraces citizenship of the world. This has informed the tone and feel of the identity with photography that captures global locations around the world. The brand copy further reflects this using different languages and juxtaposing international locations with playful pop culture references.

The print items were created using GF Smith Colorplan Ebony, Dark grey & Park Green with foil blocked branding elements. The packaging elements were designed to deliver a luxury experience through e-commerce delivery channels.

The website brand imagery features models of different backgrounds and ethnicity in the same stance / pose as the logo motif shot against backdrops that reflect the rich diversity of locations and settings that the collection will feel perfectly at home in.