The Dental Defenders’ Suitcase for Colgate

Derrick Lin


Agency: Charsky studio
Art-direction: Dmitry Izotov
Design: Nikolay Piskurev
Illustration: Anna Pritkova
Technical Design: Igor Stolpovsky
Copy-writing: Oleg Alyakrinsky
Project Type: Produced
Client: Colgate-Palmolive
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Toothpaste
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Laminated cardboard, plastic handle, cover on magnets
Printing Process: Laminated

Colgate® keeps the 1st place in the Russian toothpaste market. The brand carries out the International children’s educational program “Dazzling smile for life”, aimed at studying the rules of oral hygiene.

To develop the design of Colgate giftpack, its name and interactive mechanics, which will motivate children to brush their teeth regularly.

Client has chosen the concept of a spyware portable communicator with a simulated keyboard and display — “Dental Defender’s Suitcase” — that helps to defeat dental caries bacteria invasion.

The creative team has developed replaceable cards-messages with the Dental Defenders’ recommendations about oral care. These cards can be placed in special pockets in the screen-mirror. It is also possible to look in this mirror, because usually it is difficult for children to reach an adult’s mirror.

Thanks to dense cardboard with lamination, cover on magnets, and plastic handle the set is truly portable, and a child can take it anywhere.

What’s Unique?
The game concept set in an entertaining way motivates to brush your teeth on time and without reminders.