Agency: Branding studio DEZA
Art-director: Andrey Chigarev
Analyst: Daria Erasova
Designer: Olga Lyashenko
Project Managers: Ekaterina Saburova, Marta Bekker
Project Type: Commercial work, Packaging Design
Client: Baltika
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Beverages, Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle

The company «Baltika» launched on the market non-alcoholic beer «Zatecky Gus», dark and light. We have developed a label design. The starting point was the design of alcoholic “Gus”. The non-alcoholic version is a consistent continuation of the alcoholic, but at the same time fundamentally different.

Zatecky Gus in details
In design of non-alcoholic beer, we saved based visual codes of alcoholic but made significant changes. The main color of central element of label was white, the color of its contour frame — light blue: light “non-alcoholic” colors. We also got rid of unnecessary, weighting graphic elements on the inner label field. On the label we placed the inscription-identifier «non-alcoholic». Large, red, it is immediately noticeable and is read.

Similar but different
The difference between light and dark beer labels is minimal. Therefore, the bottles are perceived as a pair of one — non-alcoholic — order. At the same time, they cannot be confused: the pronounced difference gives the color of the foil on the necks and, of course, the color of the drinks.

The same can be said about the entire alcoholic and non-alcohol line of «Zatecky Gus». It looks holistic and obviously owned by the same brand. However, each kind of beer has its own special signs.