Ryazanskie dumplings

Derrick Lin


Design: Pavlovs Design
Project Type: Produced
Client: “Russkii moroz”, LLC
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Dumplings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic bags
Printing Process: Flexography

How to correctly combine the tradition and modernity in packaging design?

This task was assigned to the Pavlov’s Design agency by the client, the “Russkii moroz” company, which produces dumplings in the middle price segment under the “Ryazanskie” trademark. Times change and the product must meet consumer expectations. Now the production of dumplings is not at all the same as it was before. Dumplings today is a modern product of good quality. It was necessary to get out this message to a younger audience through updated packaging.

Pavlov’s Design offered this positioning – traditions from the provinces. Within its framework, “Ryazanskie” dumplings are perceived as domestic. At the same time, Ryazan itself is depicted not stereotypical, but as a modern province rich in talents and treats. We decided, enough with plastic stock images and polished design. We need: native lands, natural products, vivid photos and illustrations.Only natural and emotionally filled. Why is it good and important, why does it work?

Because it is associated with the development of regions’ and the country’s brands. Many are now busy searching for their identity. The interest in local producers has increased and Ryazan is no exception. Ryazan products are the part of the city brand. The main thing we wanted was to tell honestly and show graphically. That is where trust starts. That is where brand forms. Updating the “Ryazanskie” dumplings brand, our agency relied on locality and provincialism. What they usually want to hide, we have made the main advantage of the brand. It turned out to be a local craft product. Tradition from the province.

What’s Unique?
Modern bright design in craft “loft café” style solves the problem of standing out on the shelf among competitors, but at the same time does not deny the “roots” of the product and the traditions of its place of production. A font that imitates handwriting gives a sense of care and warmth of manual labor. Minimalistic illustrations and doodles in conjunction with icons and photos of dumplings add distinctiveness to the packaging. The back side of the package contains: a soulful text about Ryazan, a bar code in the form of recognizable outlines of the city, drawings of animals, and photos of native fields – all of this creates a feeling of warmth and trust.