Blossom of Origins

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Derrick Lin


Design: Jack Tan Shang Jie
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy
Course: Advertising and Graphic Design
Tutor: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: Scarf, notebook, pouch, bag
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Texture Papers, Ropes, Strings, Metal Gold Ring, Spring Loaded Plastic Round Toggle Stopper Cord Locks End
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Batik Boutique origami packaging is a set of limited edition unique accessories design that targets mainly enthusiast collector to show that Malay batik culture design can be appreciated as an art. Origami is under-appreciated therefore I used the roots to symbolize the origins of Batik Boutique, glinted with intriguing floral designs. The way I approached my origami design involves opening its structure as it illustrates a flower when it blooms. Each of the design carries a different aspect of beauty. As time passes where more artisans are able to express their originality, their own art and voice inspired my floral designs that accentuate their journey on creating their own authentic charm into a piece de resistance that blooms luminously.

What’s Unique?
Everything is handcrafted. The structure of my origami design involves in opening like a flower when it blooms luminously as it indicates the artisans ‘originality whereas the colours and patterns are thoroughly studied and inspired from Malaysia art culture.