Carolina Jewels

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Derrick Lin


Design: Ehsan AlShaal
Location: Syria
Project Type: Concept

CAROLINA is a jewellery brand based in AL Manara, Dubai, UAE. The brand offers a vast collection of jewellery masterpieces that reflects elegance, beauty and serenity.

Specific colors were chosen to meet what has been mentioned, and the logo was constructed and transformed from one shape to another, it was created based on a circle and a rotation of 3 copies of the simplified diamond shape in addition to some linking lines between the corners of the four-diamond and the rail of the circle to create a top view shape of a diamond as well.

A pattern was created from the basic raw figure of the logo with some additional elements.

Simplicity and elegance were presented in the whole design including the jewelry boxes and the carton bag.

What’s Unique?
The simplicity itself is what makes the design unique, taking it to a high level and away from the mainstream shiny designs, we see these days!