Etichette linea Pe’ Musanegra



Design: Ernesto Raccagna
Location: Italy
Project Type: Produced
Client: Azienda Agricola Musanegra S.S.
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

The project has seen the light during the recent lockdown, thus it is someway “son” of a smart work-based situation. So, the brand new trade dress of Musanegra’s line of wine named Pe’ is born. If this distance-working condition may seem commonplace at a first sight, it is not that simple when operating in a little village of Sicily inland. Every single choice related to the project – from the concept to the final presentation, from the selection of paper to the printing check – has been made online. The project for Pe’ wine line new labels aims to tell the mission of Musanegra. The company wants to proudly show its Sicilian soul, along with a future- and innovation-oriented vision. In order to design these labels, we started by analyzing the graphic elements and colors, and common uses of these found within the graphic design Sicilian tradition. The result is an essential graphic synthesis, which aims to make the products stand out within the shelves of supermarkets and pubs.

Front label:

  • The cutting die follows the same curve of the graphic element, which is sited at the top right.
  • The cutting die round edges provide elegance and sophistication to the label.
  • Graphic element sited at the top right is a clear reference to Sicilian cart decorative motifs.
  • The graphic style of the name – Pe’, which is an abbreviation for “Peppe”, Giuseppe in Sicilian dialect – aims to provide movement and harmony.

Retro label:

  • The back label is formed by two same-sized elements.
  • The left element is dedicated to a concise description of the product. It also includes the barcode.
  • The right element shows all the mandatory information, which must be subject to the dimensions of the inserted text.
  • The QR code, which allows to use the smartphone to easily reach Musanegra website, is also part of graphic composition, along with the other information.