Morais Rocha Grande Reserva Premium Design

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Nektar Brand Advertisers
Photographer: Carlos Teixeira
Location: Portugal
Project Type: Produced
Client: Morais Rocha Wines
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper, Cardboard, Constellation Snow Vergata 10, bronze hot stamping
Printing Process: Off Set, foil stamping

Vidigueira it’s historical part of Portugal located in the interior of our country.

The Grande Reserva is a closely guarded secret that this wine family have been whispering from generation to generation. A Great Wine, a Grande Reserva, a tribute wine, with hot stamping detail and with a greyscale sobriety.

What’s Unique?
A special edition, the Grande Reserva, is a unique wine, with a unique timeline. For each bottle, there’s the packaging. Like a single and the last wine available.

We chose Constellation Snow Vergata because it conveys a feeling of paper marked by time, with structure and extremely beautiful. The difference between printed vergara and hot stamping is fantastic. The difference in color temperatures is excellent. Another detail: We choose a seal capsule, a beautiful detail. Fantastic work.

An offset printing job with foil details.