Vegan Collagyn by Ancient +Brave



Design: Liquid Studio
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ancient + Brave
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wellness Supplement
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital with foil and soft touch varnishes

In 2018 Ancient + Brave needed to quickly establish a presence in the growing ingestible beauty market. The nascent category norm was a design language of restraint and clinical whites informed by the world of pharmaceuticals. To stake out a defendable territory we zagged in the other direction and went dark and decadent. Placing Ancient + Brave within the open realms of a lifestyle brand the result is luxurious and beautiful enough to be displayed proudly on the shelves of even the grandest spas and Knightsbridge kitchens.⁠

We crafted a brand world around an iconic mask motif whose imposing geometry straddles the dual worlds of inherited knowledge and cutting-edge research. Dark, rich, earthy tones combine with warm foils to deliver a confident, premium product range.

Fast forward to 2020 and there was obviously a need for a plant based addition to the range – enter Collagyn (notice the clever ‘y’ in the title there, echoing non dairy mylk). But how can collagen be vegan?! This truly innovative range is a clever blend of amino acids, collagen protective botanicals, skin supportive nutrients and plant proteins formulated to match the amino acid profile of bovine collagen.⁠

To position Collagyn as part of the Ancient+Brave stable but clearly differentiate it as a stand alone offering, Liquid Studio employed a new palette of dark green and warm silver and an entirely new mask motif – this time softer and feminine to differentiate the range from the original black and gold Collagens. ⁠

It was a real delight to bring this one to life. She’s a beauty.⁠

Recognising that wellness rituals have become a central part of many people’s lifestyles, it was obvious that the packaging should reflect this.

At the time of launch, the category norm largely employed brown kraft or virgin white board board alongside imagery of nature to suggest health and wellbeing.

However we saw the potential of opening Ancient + Brave up beyond the usual wellness sphere of health clubs and spas and into the everyday environment, creating a range that answered a bigger lifestyle need.

So whilst the existing players zigged with their pharma-inspired packaging we zagged and went dark, enigmatic and luxurious.

Liquid Studio’s Creative Director Scott Wotherspoon drew the central mask motifs in Adobe Illustrator calling upon concepts of sacred geometry and referencing ancient Incan and Aztec symbolism – the result alludes to ancient inherited wisdom whilst being very clearly rooted in 21st Century cutting edge nutritional research.