Flex, Edition 2018 – Worldwide

Derrick Lin


Design: Isidora Kokovic
Location: Serbia
Project Type: Visual Identity, Packaging Design
Client: Flex – natural power cleaner
Packaging Contents: Natural liquid for cleaning stains
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass and plastic bottles, paper packaging
Printing Process: Digital printing, Foil stamping

The Flex project is the pure inspiration of a great man who breathes success. From the first moment of its creation, Flex announced a unique look. Timeless. Black and white as history.

Visual Identity is a unique designer’s experience. The design of letters is a deep inspiration and experience. A sustainable brandmark is a great symbol made out of character “x”. The symbol represents the moment of our gaze through a microscope magnifying glass where we see a millionth part of the structure of the pure white fabric. We see an intertwined thread that I represent in the famous symbol.

Massive stable letters, with their form, represent stability, power, and strength. The magic moment of our look at the pure white fabric after the spilled black coffee on your new white suit, is the moment you can recognize the same in every character.

Brand identity is enriched with visual elements that you simply cannot forget. The product and its box are the pure white paper of high quality, bathed in gloss. The box is crowned with a black stamp and glossy brandmark.

The unique segment of this product is also hidden in its natural structure in the form of a liquid that removes all types of stains. The advantage of the product is that it is edible and without consequences if that completely illogical event occurs! WHEN STAIN MAKES NO PAIN!