Manifesto – Point

Derrick Lin


Agency: Alexander studio
Designer: Alexander Skurihin
Photo: Alexander Skurikhin
Printing: KVANT
Location: Russia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Two layers of paper, stencil varnish and hot foil finishing

Point – a start, the beginning of the path, a symbol of movement towards the sacramental goal. Only by climbing to the top of the mountain you can see that this goal is not so far from you. Everyone will find their own star in the sky, destined only for him. The only question is whether to overcome and find hope or stay at the bottom and continue to wait for something.

The independent project Manifesto was the embodiment of my desire to do something new, “unknown and strange”. This project is the beginning of a new path, a starting point.

What’s Unique?
The label is made of two types of paper with different texture and density, ideally matches and glues, which allows to create a unique and memorable multi-level perspective. Starry sky is a soft touch paper with silver hot foil finishing. The Mount is a rough, uneven texture of Velmart black paper, with a stencil varnish and hot foil finishing.

This label was brought to life by the KVANT printing company located in the city of Krasnodar Russia. The printing house has many years of experience in the wine industry behind it, but at the same time it does not stand still and masters new printing technologies.