Studio Brewing Beer

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Skeleton Crew Creative Studio
Creative Director: Jack Finn
Strategy Director: James Hearn
Designer: Benjamin Smith
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Studio Brewing
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: 355ml aluminum can
Printing Process: Pressure sensitive label

With more breweries opening on weekly basis in British Columbia, the fight for the fridge is becoming a battle to attract eyeballs in a sea of beers. Studio allowed us to push the boat passed just visualising ‘good beer’, and let us create a brand and packaging that stands on it’s own two feet in the brewery scene here in British Columbia.

Vancouver is full of cool, hipster breweries which are great and appeal to young professionals that aren’t easily intimidated, but Studio Brewing is situated in a more suburban, family orientated area. We wanted to bring a little bit of the cool brewery scene out of Vancouver, but make sure it was warm and friendly enough to welcome the diverse variety of backgrounds, ages and ethnicities of Burnaby.

Studio’s work ethic is a mixture of militant and experimental when it comes to making beer. We set them up with a strong, gridded foundational framework, and let colour and illustration bring the creative side to their process out.

This can be seen most prominently throughout our can label designs. We created a design hierarchy that filtered down through Studio’s varied beer series, from core to limited and collaboration labels. Each illustration we created for Studio has a little smile-in-the-mind idea behind it, that accentuates its name or flavour. They plan to bring out beer regularly, so the illustration style had to have enough legs to create multiple bespoke can label designs, as well as sit alongside others.

The best part to all of this is being able to open the fridge and crack open a freshly designed, freshly brewed beer. But it would all be for nothing, if the beer wasn’t absolutely phenomenal, which luckily it is. Cheers to that!