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Design: Vachan Batavia
Location: India
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Dry fruits ( Pistachios )
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography

The aim of the packaging was to design it for a nutritionist with Wholesome as the Brand name focusing on the healthy snack options it has to offer and creating a brand identity for the brand. The objective is to make dry fruit a fun and healthy snacking option.

Some people have a habit of keeping dry fruit handy in a small box, specially the ones who travel often of who work full-time. But, let’s acknowledge the fact that ,this was possible when women were full time homemakers. As times are changing and career and corporate jobs are where people are spending most of their day, this ready to eat – snack size dry fruit packs come handy.

This product is super convenient, one can buy multiple packs while they visit a supermarket and carry to work or during out of city travel or holidays. Where one snack ( evening or between breakfast and lunch). When you’re on the go, put fuel in your pocket so you can more easily keep hunger at bay. The packaging aims to develop a sense of motivation to the people who neglect their health and encourage them to take health advices as well as their healthy snack products.

A lot of people are diving deep into their health. By the overall packaging, the emotional content the brand is trying to convey is that we have made a step closer to you by selling these products and now you need to make a step to consult a proper routine and healthy diet for you. It can provide energy in the middle of the day or when you exercise.

A healthy snack between meals can also decrease your hunger and keep you from overeating at meal time. It is is a brand that gives you snacks which have been approved by the experts in the respective field and being a nutritionist gives you professional advice. The Brand also ensures a balance of your diet by managing ones Routine Times with healthy options. The packaging evokes a sense of Professionalism, genuineness and balance. The logo of Wholesome represents one outer circle showcasing a 24 hour routine cycle of a person and the inner circle somewhat represents a health snack routine of that person.

A small handy carboard cylinder for a dry fruit snack is something which would be interesting for the customer. Generally whole carboard cylinders or small aluminum containers are seen but a combination of cardboard with aluminum for snack packaging will attract the customer. Since Carboard is used it can be refilled again for some pistachios rather than discarding it away and the aluminum tin cap at the top will keep it air tight.

All the illustrations , typography and color is trying to convey that it is a premium brand as everyone cannot afford to go to a nutritionist but it encourages the people to view her website for health inputs. The branding of the owner at the front of packaging as well as the health icons is making the nutrition connect more prominent.

A prominent green message all around the pistachio packaging with the tagline as well as the three words freshness, goodness and flavor suggests that it is the perfect choice for a person in terms of health and taste. The small illustrations at the back gives a direct focus to the user that he/she can have the pistachio snack wherever he wants, driving him more towards the good options than the junk food.

A direct message from the owner builds an emotional sense of caring for the customer and a proof of all the information conveyed from the source. Some true facts can make the user more amused when he opens the packaging just like when one is opening a small gift and a some branding can intrigue the user as well.