The New Kellogg’s Special K

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Design: Swetha Baruah
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design
Tutor: Yohan Engineer
Packaging Contents: Cereal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

This project is an output of comprehensive research done on Kellogg’s Special K and how their packaging influences their users on a weight management journey, which is their sole focus of this particular range. Portion control and exercise are the most important parameters that determine the success of one’s goal in their journey. That being said, the existing packaging limits the detail of the recommended size of serving to text on the packaging which often goes unseen by the users and with no emphasis on the necessity to follow an exercise regime.

The marketing strategy for Special K predominantly attracts women and the popularity of this cereal as a wholesome meal has thereby increased. The pre-conceived design style for diet food has forever been subtle and serious and often lacks motivation for consistency. So, why not use an attractive color palette that motivates and makes the journey much more fun and enjoyable?

The following concept is an amalgamation of the right amount of seriousness and fun, to elevate the user experience to a wholesome level. The color palette used for its flavors is bright, attractive, and synchronous encouraging the user to maintain consistency, oftentimes necessary during a diet regime. What else is necessary? A workout regime.

To draw the user’s attention to the equal importance of following an exercise routine that goes hand-in-hand with their diet, the user can preview recommended exercise routines upon scanning the QR code printed on the back. Essential food contents at the back make the product informative and transparent, with visual importance to contents that might trigger allergies.

A catchy phrase of “we got your back” is used throughout the packaging, which reassures, comforts, and motivates the user to keep going, thus immediately striking a strong emotional connection with the consumer. A short jingle at the back that revolves around common scenarios where women take that extra effort to take care of their figure resonates with them and makes their experience relatable.

Unconditional support and motivation is something you don’t want to say no to.

What’s Unique?
Switching the silhouette of the packaging from a boring box to the shape of the letter K, not only embraces the identity of the product but sets it apart from its competitors and makes it attractive and intriguing.

Don’t have a measuring cup? Lost yours and can’t seem to find it? Say no more.

The upper inverted triangle which is an abstraction of the upper stroke of the letter K, not only serves the purpose of an airtight lid but also transforms into a scoop that holds 30g of the cereal, which is the recommended size of serving.

Don’t have time to try and test various exercise routines? A beginner? Say no more. Have your own workout plan to keep you abreast with your diet, that’s just a scan away!