Black Tea “Good Vibes”



Design: Ekaterina Nikolaeva
Location: Russia
Project Type: Student Project
Tutor: Leonid Slavin
Packaging Contents: Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Ceylon black tea «Good Vibes» – this is academic project, the task of which was to package “friendship”. The basic concept is to use friendship bracelets as a symbol of friendship. Bracelet is not a simple bracelet made of threads, it is a sign of a friendly disposition towards a certain person and is passed from one friend to another. The bracelet of friendship is made up of many knots. After all, real friendship, like a knot, binds people tightly.

These bracelets are handcrafted and usually made from threads. According to local custom, the person who was presented with the bracelet must wear it until it breaks itself. A person who weaves a bauble puts his love into it, and the one who receives a bauble should be grateful for the love and work of a friend. If the bracelet is removed before it breaks, it means that the friendship has ended.

The friendship bracelets are used on the tea packaging and they are not removable, therefore, drinking such tea, friendship will be eternal. Tea packaging was chosen because when friends come to visit, tea is offered first. Over a cup of delicious black tea, you can talk to your friend, laugh and be sad. Each pattern is located on a separate sachet, which is dipped into the cup and pulled in when the tea is already brewed.

The name of black tea was not chosen by chance, “Good Vibes” conveys the atmosphere of a warm, cozy pastime with your friends. Friendship bracelets never go out of style. They will be relevant as long as people value friendship.