This project is purely fictitious. I did it as part of a personal challenge. This challenge consisted of creating packaging for a chocolate factory product. My choice fell on a chocolate brand that I created from A to Z. The steps followed for the development of the project are:

First, think about the naming of the product or brand, then create a visual identity, then create packaging (packaging, labels, cases …) and finally design communication media for the promotion of the product or brand (print support, display, social and digital networks).

My roles: Art and Creative Direction, Packaging Design, Graphic Design.
I hope you enjoy the project.

Kakao ivory is an Ivorian chocolate brand manufactured by Cizi Factory. Its products are composed of 80% cocoa (organic) processed locally in Côte d’Ivoire. Kakao ivory has several flavors of chocolate to taste: orange, coconut and banana. All these flavors are also grown locally.

Kakao Ivoire aims to discover through its chocolates, the flavor and authenticity of Ivorian cocoa.