Genot Gourmet Coffee

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Packaging developed by Franco Mathson Virttus for the agency Propaganda of Natal / RN.

The Genot is a renowned café in Natal / Brazil and decided to harness the power of its brand name to launch Genot. Selected a high quality coffee and single-source and 100% Arabica.

Balanced intense. Thus, it may be described this coffee. Notes flavor like caramel, light citrus and a stylish touch of vanilla in the background. Its flavor brings the traditional sweetness in perfect balance with the acidity reminiscent of lemon Galician, besides the presence of notes of almond and vanilla in the mouth captivating. Bodied and soft finish is sweet while cooling.

Coffee is produced in the Black Mountain Ranch, located at an altitude of 1.150m is distinguished by particular microclimate that allows you to get great coffee acidity, comparable to the Centers American and Colombian. The production is done using technologies with low environmental impact. Drying of harvested grains, coffees come with different sensory profiles, providing a unique experience for lovers of good coffee.