Paprika Zitava

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Designer: Martin Kuspal
Art Director: Martin Kuspal
Creative Director: Martin Kuspal
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Maspoma
Location: Czech Republic

Paprika Žitava is the first Slovak product to have been assigned the EU quality mark “Protected designation of origin, PDO”. The 100-year tradition of growing and processing Capsicum peppers in the Danubian Lowland is a guarantee of this product’s uniqueness and superior quality. Its uniqueness derives not only from the traditional ways of growing and processing, but above all the typical and inimitable orange-red colour gained from the grinding process in what is known as a ‘colouring stone’. Paprika Žitava has a fresh, vegetable aroma, with sweet capsicum notes; it is distinctly sweet and gives meals a unique taste, aroma and colour.