Inizio Olive Oil (Concept)



Design Agency: Brandtailor
Art direction: Anastasia Lukina
Designer: Anastasia Lukina, Roman Ershov
3D: Maxim Petrov
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Olive Oil
Location: Russia

To accentuate how natural the product is we turn to its’ origin. For this reason the brand is called Inizio (Italian for beginning), and the package accurately imitates an olive – it’s shape, it’s color, it’s essence.

  1. Hello,
    I just like your Olive-shaped olive oil bottle design and i have 3 questions :

    1 – Does this brand Inzio exist or it is just a prototype name for clients ?
    2 – Did any company before buy the design from you ? if yes, who are these companies, and is it okay for different companies to buy the same bottle design for the same product ?
    3 – What are you selling exactly, just the design, or the design along with the service of maufacturing this bottle ?


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