Khalil Fong – Journey To The West

Derrick Lin


Designer: Chen Huang Chian
Project Type: Produced, Album Design
Client: Cros Music Ltd.
Location: Taiwan

I am grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the various aspects of what Western and Chinese cultures have to offer. As different as they may be, I identify with both and have had the chance to see the best of both worlds. Ultimately, I view myself as a world citizen and with this album, my vision was to create something that would best represent my musical experiences and be a reflection and fusion of different inspirations and cultures. Within the brand new material, I have also had many ideas and fragments of creativity over the years that I have collected for the suitable project. JTW is the first album under my new independent label and I would like to thank all of the collaborators, artists and musicians who contributed to this body of work. The album is also for all of the fans who have supported me throughout the years. Thank you for embarking on this journey. – Soulboy