In Essence Blends Range

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Derrick Lin


Design: Chimera Design
Project Type: Produced
Client: In Essence
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Essential Oils
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, Cardboard

We were approached to develop a strategy on the aromatherapy brand “In Essence”.

Rather than using the traditional ingredients focus, it was decided that we reposition the new range based on solutions and outcomes. When developing the naming we wanted to retain a connection to the mother brand “In Essence” (hence the use of the I and E). Secondly IE is an abbreviation to a simplified dialogue and narrative which explained the intended use of each blend…… i.e. meaning “in other words”.

Utilising a minimal modern approach, our goal was to differentiate from more traditional looking aromatherapy brands on the market. Balancing white space, typography and fresh pop colour to clearly communicate product type and usage. The use of a predominantly white face signifies simplicity, peace and calm; and the simple typographic application is informative, transparent and helpful.

The colour palette assists the consumer to easily navigate through the range, and also seeks to engage the younger audience with a burgeoning interest in natural therapies. The blends range serves as a convenient introduction into the aromatherapy market

What’s Unique?
A step away from an organic/natural aesthetic and a move toward something more modern, clean and vibrant.