Derrick Lin


Agency: Studio Tumpić/Prenc
Creative Director: Anselmo Tumpić
Account Director: Sara Prenc Opačić
Graphic Designer: Anton Licul Grk
Photographer: Dejan Hren
Project Type: Produced
Client: Latini
Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper label
Printing Process: Offset

Latini is an olive oil brand based in the Croatian region of Istria. It tells an age-old story of an ancestor of today’s olive growers who worked the field for Istrian Italians, the so-called Latins.
One day, he received a checkered shirt, then a rare sight, as his daily wage which made him stand out in his village and earned his family the nickname Latini.

In order to put the product in its historical context, we decided to tell this story through the design of the label by ‘dressing’ the bottle in a checkered shirt. In a way, the bottle thus became a portrait of the venerable ancestor. The authenticity of the product is also emphasized by the tag tucked into the ‘shirt pocket’, with the story of the Latini family.

Through the unique and very local story of an Istrian family, we have conveyed the message of the domestic oil production from the autochthonous Istrian varieties of olives cultivated with special care from the field to the finished product.

The family and their olive varieties thrive in the Istrian microclimate, in a region the worldwide guide Flos Olei has been declaring the world’s best olive growing region from 2015 to 2019.

What’s Unique?
A paper tag containing a written history of the brand owner’s family can be found neatly tucked into a pocket we’ve made on the bottle label. The pocket itself was created by leaving a rectangular piece of cellulose paper glued onto the back of the label, thus preventing it from sticking to the bottle. The tag is then inserted into the pocket, ready to be uncovered.