Pure Honey

Salvita Design

Design: Salvita Bingelyte
Set Design and Prop Styling: Salvita Design
Copy Writer: Erin Hope Stevens
Project Type: Produced
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar
Printing Process: Screen printing

If you want to enjoy the benefits derived from honey, its purity is what you need to consider when buying. Most of the honey available in supermarkets is not natural, with many additives and impurities. Pure honey is the natural product of honey bees, made only from their natural, uninterrupted processes.

The brands one hundred percent all natural positioning allowed me to create a clean brand that appeals to both the stylish and health conscious alike. I combined natural materials to suit to the brands environmental credentials with a paired back aesthetic to provide a stand out appeal in an overly busy category.

The new brand deploys minimal graphic elements and a decisive color palette, that reflects the purity of the ingredients.

I chose Mason jars because they represent a wholesome, simpler way of life. But there is more to these jars than just their timeless aesthetic and nostalgia. They speak to our awareness of the environmental, economic, and health costs of consuming processed foods. They are reusable, durable and do not easily chip. The uses are nearly endless.

To enhance the simplicity of the product, I opted for screen printed labels on a white, textured paper label.

By sticking to a minimalistic approach, using simple type and muted color, the design conveys the raw position of the brand. As a result, I managed to avoid the traditional honey visual cliches such as bees, drops, honeycomb and created a unique and memorable label design.

To create a logo and packaging that would stand apart from the other honey on the market and easily flow to other products. With its minimal design, simple an natural like honey, it proselytizes a gift from Mother Nature.

What’s Unique?
I created the branding and packaging for a pure honey. The lettering and lines are design elements themselves, comprehensibility, transparency and clarity are all important. These were the main objectives. The design is very clean, but with character. The typography is the main element of a package design, especially because no other graphic or illustrative approach was taken. I decided to put the label not in the center, but on the left side, so that the more honey texture is noticeable. It looks chic and more sophisticated in appearance.