Design: Stag&Hare
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Glass bottles

Every year, Stag&Hare develops artful pieces that are one part collective expression and one part collaboration with unique, like-minded small businesses. We aim to create sensorial experiences that take the recipients on a journey through visuals, texture, smell, and taste.

This year, we partnered with Georgia’s Capital Bee Company to create a flavor experience using one of the most unique, yet natural creators — the honey bee.

Much like wine, honey is flavored by the natural surrounding plant life where the bees do their work. Capital Bee Company sources single varietal honeys from around the country, resulting in the purest, raw flavors. Our design highlights four unique taste experiences: Tupelo, Guajillo Acacia, Snowberry, and Frosted Cinnamon.

To bring this flavor story to life, we created a custom ‘jewelry box’ of honey discovery that invites the viewer to open and explore. Our printing partner, DataGraphic, helped to bring our story to life through tactile textures and finishes throughout. Matte black soft touch paper is adorned with layered gold foil, intricate spot varnish patterns, and pops of screen-printed, vibrant colors. The unboxing experience is luxurious and full of surprise and delight with each honey pot adorned with patterns to reflect their individual flavor profile. Below each, a moment of storytelling occurs, providing bite-sized facts about the hard-working honey bee.