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Derrick Lin


Design: Anna Kuptsova
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Foil Embossing

The Chocolatier project is aiming to connect to the potential customer through exquisite packaging that combines sophisticated design and eye-catching illustration for one of the most beloved delicacy in the world – chocolate. My idea was to create a custom illustration for each of the different chocolate types. An illustration that would convey the warm and pleasant atmosphere that is associated with a high quality of this beautiful treat.

The design and illustrations do not show the chocolate bars themselves, avoiding this repeated packaging practice. Instead, it introduces the story and the picture behind each taste. The chocolate of this brand is looking to deliver rich and premium experience in both taste and visual presentation. At the same time, the packaging emphasizes on the most important aspects of chocolate itself like the natural ingredients and cocoa percentage.

The elements do not interfere with each other and highlight the whole idea behind each design.

What’s Unique?
While most of the brands choose to go with a more common route of showing bars or splashes of chocolate, my design is looking to establish a rapport with the customer through the captivating scenery of the main illustration and the associations behind it. Each chocolate bar tells its own story. Even if there was nothing else other than the main image, the customer would be able to guess what chocolate it represents. The illustration alone is enough to deliver the message.