Shadnoosh Fruit Juice

Taha Fakouri

Design: Taha Fakouri
Location: Iran
Project Type: Produced
Client: shadnoosh co
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Fruit juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Flexography, Digital printing

Shadnoush Company is one of the best producers of juice syrup powders, whose products contain 10% of natural fruits in all flavors, which has increased the quality and satisfaction of buyers.

In a market where everyone is competing, the product must attract the audience in a creative way in order to sell more. That is why we have defined an identity for each fruit, and the identity of each fruit is derived from the region in which it grows. Or evokes a particular object in the mind.

The audience and customers of this range of products, according to research, ranged in age from 18 to 50 years, so it was presented to the market in several different materials and shapes.

For example, for teenagers and young adults, it was offered in cans of different colors in the form of energy and ordinary for sale, which at first glance persuaded them to buy, and for families who consume more as a syrup powder in bags with More weights were provided for economical prices.

Much research has been done on inspiring and creating related characters:
For pineapple, for example, we tried to depict a pineapple as an African native with a smile on its face and living naturally in the heart of the forest, or for design orange water in which most people lie by the Beach sea. recollection for they for drink orange.

We even thought about connecting more with children and tried to attract the attention of this range of people by creating lovely characters and attractive colors. We wanted to look special, but in a new and true way.