Agency: Popp Studio
Creative Director: Poppy Stedman
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Libman Brands UK
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Washing Up Liquid
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Cardboard
Printing Process: Lithographic

Popp Studio, a London-based brand identity and packaging design agency, has created the name, visual identity and packaging designs for Dishmatic’s first range of washing-up liquids.

Dishmatic, owned by Libman Brands UK, is the number one fillable washing-up handle in the world, but until now, every Dishmatic handle was filled with competitor liquids.

With social media trends for desirable, interesting cleaning products, Dishmatic, with its vibrant personality and colourful range, was uniquely placed to launch a liquid range with colours picked to match its iconic handles.

The launch range features two exciting neon pink and yellow liquids available in 500ml bottles, sold separately or as part of a series of value packs with added handles and refill heads.

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The Dishmatic team asked Popp to create a name, strapline and language for the new sub-range, together with its visual identity and packaging. The identity needed to amplify the masterbrand’s vibrant, friendly personality, while reassuring consumers that fun doesn’t compromise efficacy.

Despite Dishmatic’s market-leading position, many consumers did not know the name of the product they were using. The washing-up liquid label and value pack formats boost brand visibility and recognition by featuring the iconic handle shape and building the connection with the name and logo.

Dishmatic position their products as your loveable dish friends. So Popp’s ‘Light up the Room’ strategy draws on the exciting charisma of that friend who makes everything sparkle. As a result, the range is feels bright, vibrant and you want to display them, because you smile when you see them.

Popp named the range “Brilliants” to celebrate the liquid colours and the results of an effective clean and paired it with the playful strapline “Your partners in grime”. The variants are vibrantly named “Berry Bright” and “Citrus Sparkle”, and each value pack is signed off “Get a handle on dirt”, to assure effectiveness with a cheeky nod to the iconic Dishmatic handle.

The visual identity builds on the bubbles of the existing identity, with a colourful foam base providing variant navigation and a clear white space above for maximum masterbrand recognition.

The Brilliants subrange logo is in a friendly rounded sans serif font, and bounces along the foam, with two bubbles forming dots above the i’s. A Dishmatic handle bobs about in the foam while simple variant illustrations evoke the scent.

Finally, a functional “Anti-Grease” message, essential for consumer trust in the washing-up liquid category, features an iconic handle swiping the bright liquid across a sparkling plate.

The launch range features two 500ml liquids, a “Dynamic Duo” pack paired with a handle, and a value pack with a handle and four refill heads.

Dishmatic Head of Marketing Laura Allen says:
“Popp Studio has elevated Dishmatic’s distinctive assets, building recognition and connecting our name to our iconic handle. The visual identity and language are now working brilliantly together to really dial up our playful personality and stand out amongst the competition, while incorporating the essential functional messaging consumers look for in the category.”

Popp Studio Creative Director and Co-Founder Poppy Stedman says:
“In creating the Brilliants range, we aimed to bring a playful voice to a serious category and a splash of colour to a dull chore. The name and language feel bright and breezy, and the vibrant packaging ensures Dishmatic won’t go unnoticed by consumers looking to light up their kitchen.”

The Dishmatic Brilliants “Berry Bright” Value Pack, which includes 500ml of berry-scented washing-up liquid, a matching pink “Classic” handle with pink non-scratch head, two general purpose refills and two non-scratch refills, is available exclusively at B&M for £3.50.

The Dynamic Duo “Berry Bright” Bonus Refill kit, which includes 500ml of berry-scented washing-up liquid, a matching pink “Classic” handle with pink non-scratch head, and one non-scratch refill, is available at Home Bargains for £1.99 and Poundland for £2.00.