Agency: Moscow Mule
Art Director, Graphic Designer: Marina Kondratenko
Graphic Designer: Anna Kabanina
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Faberlic
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Sports nutrition
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Foil

Sculpta is a new brand of sports nutrition from Faberlic. It is a brand for energetic people aiming to achieve high sports performance. At the moment, the Sculpta product line consists of whey protein with different flavors (in stand-up poaches) In the future it is planned to supplement the line with protein bars.

Sculpta’s packaging design is built around a typographic logo. We put several associations in the shape of the logo. On the one hand, it refers to technical aesthetics; on the other hand, it reflects the plasticity of muscles, representing the power of sports lifestyle. A contrasting combination of an adjusted grid, minimalistic layout, and an edgy composition — all add power to the logo. A combination of black and white was chosen as the main color scheme, and a colored circle, which complements the composition with a surprising bright highlight, shows the taste of the product.

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