Design: Zokhir Bozorov
Location: Uzbekistan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Meat snacks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic and aluminium
Printing Process: Foil printing

Anesto – meat snacks that are made from semi-smoked sausages with different flavors. The naming is derived from Greek language. The word “ánetos” means comfortable. It was changed to “anesto” to sound nice and easy to spell.

The product is unique and stands out with its portability, comfort, easy to carry and eat anywhere with ease such as at the gym, work, movie etc. The primary audience is youth who are 15-30 years old, active, curios, keen on sports etc. The packaging was made clean, friendly and colorful depending on the flavor of the product. The package is focused on costumers’ experience, making it easy to carry, keep and eat anywhere. The product inside is put as a main character in the food zone in order to capture the attention of people, without any destructing elements. In order to make the packaging suitable for the audience, I designed patterns, as background for the packaging, that each of them represents the product’s type and flavor.