The Packaging Design of Atom FX

Jian Xin Wang

FX is the first fully assembled 3D printer by Atom. It is completely different with the DIY kit series before. The packaging design focuses on the balance between industrial and visual design. It properly indicates the order of the three hexagon boxes inside. Each box includes different parts and tools ready to use. Every single part of the package is designed accurately for its purpose to keep the structure stable and firm. It ensures that the 3D printer will be safely delivered to customers.

Jian Xin Wang


Creative Director: Lawrence Lee, Coby Huang

Packaging & Graphic Design: Jian Xin Wang​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Product Design: R&D team of Atom

Photographer: Stanley Chen

Print & Production: Wistron, Yue-hsin

Atom 3D Printer