Plantz, the vegan cheese!


Achterwetering, 2871 Schoonhoven, Nederland

Fresh cheese makers

Lebo Kaas is a real family business in the Netherlands with a passion for dairy. We attach great value to craftsmanship, quality and social responsibility and combine this with innovation and flexibility.

Lebo Kaas is known for its extensive range of fresh cheese products. Lebo Kaas is the only company in the Netherlands to make cream cheese products from freshly delivered Dutch meadow milk. This allows them to create high-quality cream cheese products for different target groups with a unique taste profile and guarantee maximum freshness.

Cheese goes vegan!
Lebo Plantz® is the most recent innovation. We believe in a world in which animal and vegetable can coexist. Lebo Plantz® is a different approach to ingredients, but thanks to years of experience, with the same taste and application as cream cheese!

As Reprovinci – a Dutch creative agency – we designed the branding and packaging.