“Moo” is an organic vegan company that provides a new and fun way to eat Vegan Meals and Snacks. We do not only help vegan people try different and unique meals and snacks but also encourage others such as meat-eaters to try healthier options.

Due to the recent pandemic, people are needed to stay home to prevent the increasing spread of Covid-19. However, because people are home all of the time, they start to munch and snack away their boredom, or while online working and more. And to worsen, the majority of the time, their snacks would be unhealthy junk and sweets.

Therefore, “Moo” intends to create a set of fun and healthy munch-able snack that attracts and motivate the consumer to want to munch on healthier snacks while they work from home or stay at home.

This packaging mainly targets towards consumers aged 18 to 28 years old. Moo created a packaging that consists of 3 different types of popular nuts; Almonds, Pistachios and Cashews.  Research shows that nuts are one of the most healthiest options when it comes to snacking and doing work as it has many benefits to our brain. The name of these snacks is called “Mini Munchies”.

The overall outer packaging is a diamond-looking shape that was aimed to look like a nut itself.  It was also intended to be minimalist with only the title of mini munchies and a graphic element on the front.  Finally, the packaging inside the nut packaging consists of 3 different animals that eat the different nuts provided. The animals are a chipmunk, squirrel, and raccoon. The back design consists of information about the nuts, the net weight and the expiration date.


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Lecturer: Deanie Cham

The One Academy