Amana is a Brazilian craft-beer company inspired in concept, ingredients and transcendence by the mountain range “Serra da Mantiqueira”, or better known as “The Crying Mountains”.

The brand had the need to create an identity that can be versatile and adapt to each beer flavor personality, maintaining a youth, fresh and charming presence. Last but not least, always portraying their main inspiration of Brazilian mountains.

In that way, all beer packages have something in common: an illustration of mountains that change according to the beer personality. It is always shown with different textures, shapes, colors and even flora. The color palette is used according to the classic color code of beer types. For example, West Coast IPAs are usually recognizable for their warm and bright colors, while Russian Strouts by their dark and soil colors.

Amana’s packaging stands out for their amusing way of adapting to beer personalities, and it also makes people feel proud of their place of belonging.