rungta’s real green tea

Itu Chaudhuri Design

F301, Second Floor Chaudhury Prem Singh House, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030


The Rungta Company, maker of mass-market tea blends, is introducing its first green tea offering—Real Green Tea, as part of its ‘Real’ range, a budget-friendly offering. The Real brand covers a range of teas marketed in mofussil towns in Bihar, Rajasthan and elsewhere. It is also slowly penetrating urban markets.


Tea is considered a healthy beverage. In a post-Covid-19 world anything, health and wellness will appeal to customers everywhere. The health benefits of green tea are backed by tradition and research.

Green tea is often selected as an occasional drink, opportunistically consumed. We know it’s healthy, but it’s not every day. Covid-19 changed consumer behavior on wellness and health products.

Consumers in an anxious, post covid world are looking for products that promise good health and well-being.

If we could make the consumer see Real Green Tea as a daily habit, ideal for de-stressing; calming and protective, we might appeal to health seekers—a desirable position for any wellness product.


Brand Assets The design rests on the language developed for Rungta’s ‘Real’ range, read it here. The Real ‘garland of leaves’ is floral in shape, the distinct brand asset that underpins the whole design. It encodes virtue, nature, and the morning: subliminally a ritual like a pooja.

The translucent green petals naturally connect with green tea’s natural form and radiate calm. The faint green washes the entire pack in a leafy serenity. Immunity is presented via the golden shield. The message is amplified by tea bag holders shaped like shields. A daily reminder of protection.

A daily habit is suggested by the number of bags—31. It uses the month as a memory structure that nudges the user to think of it as a daily habit.

Other text against the amber drink brings out the acknowledged benefits: stress relief, antioxidant action rising and morning freshness.

The cup promotes the tea’s purity and style of consumption. It suggests a pleasing functionalism, rather than the ornate style often employed.


The Rungta Real Green tea pack is poised to present itself in modern retail in this post covid period.


Itu Chaudhuri Design

F301, Second Floor Chaudhury Prem Singh House, Lado Sarai, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
Creative Director: Itu Chaudhuri
Design Concept: Prashant Gaikawad, Ashok Dey
Design Development: Prashant Gaikawad, Ashok Dey, Sneha Mahajan, Pradyut Nath
Production: Ashok Dey