Jose Villacrez

Lima, Perú


I was invited by Absolut to develop its new label for a limited edition, with the mission of developing a unique proposal that seeks to celebrate how travel and tourism make the world a more open, diverse, and inclusive place.


So, as an illustrator, I needed to reflect on the inclusivity and freedom of expression within the proposal, I needed to break stereotypes, and finding a solution that was inclusive, taking as a reference the landscapes, gastronomy, experiences, and freedom of inclusion of the LGBT community, all this supported with a palette belonging to the same brand, thus achieving a solid presentation.


Achieving a tremendous visual and psychological expression, which seeks to capture in this design. As a result, we managed to synthesize attributes that express how tourism promotes the diversity of cultures and the union, creating an exceptional proposal that once seen, can never be forgotten, like a remarkable architectural monument or an almost perfect wine.