Few people enjoy household chores, cleaning, washing, drying… It’s then no surprise that cleaning products receive the least attention at the supermarket. So goes another bottle into the shopping basket at the next visit, on auto-pilot. Because love it or hate it, there’s no ignoring the cleaning. Meanwhile, from these plastic bottles multiplying in our trash to their suspect liquids going down the drainages, there’s no ignoring another aspect: waste. Existing sustainable solutions aren’t accessible or affordable enough to go mainstream. Liloomi wants to change that.

Freshly launched, Liloomi is an affordable subscription service of home cleaning essentials that delivers monthly refills straight to customers’ hands at the click of a button. Liloomi’s product line comes in solid forms such as powders, bars and tablets, thus eliminating the need for packaging liquids– thus eliminating the need for plastic bottles for every single purchase. A starter kit of bottles made of recycled plastic and glass gets a customer going and when it’s time for a refill, top-ups come in sachets small enough to neatly slide into the postbox in an envelope. Every detail of the product and packaging is carefully, continuously researched and designed to be natural, effective, waste-conscious and safe for the planet, people as well as pets.

For Daniela Marques, founder and CEO of Liloomi, the branding was “a crucial part of rethinking the established norms in the industry. We knew it had to be bold, differentiated and a source of optimism, energy and empowerment towards a better future. The design of the brand has shaped and expanded that vision brilliantly, with every detail being carefully thought out.”

From the dull and the mundane to the grim and the scary, the insight that struck us was that household chores and sustainability have one thing in common: they concern us all. The challenge then became about imbuing a product at this intersection with equal parts optimism and reliability while building a visual brand that’s vocal, human and joyful to have around chores.

Given that Liloomi’s cleaning products are undyed and clear to avoid unnecessary synthetic additions, the visual brand brings the energy with a striking colour palette of electric hues paired with muted tones. Bold symbols make up the framework for Liloomi’s growing line of products and each of their refill sachets as playful cues and metaphors for the endless refills to come. Complementing the playful visual language is a tone of voice that is light-hearted and human.

The product line is already expanding to include personal care– Daniela Marques believes the potential to create change in this space is vast. Liloomi is currently shipping all over Germany, with plans to expand globally.