Budapest Roastery is a 0-24 café in the heart of Buda. They produce their own brand of exquisite coffee, which anyone can buy at the café to make it at home.

The concept of the packaging is to match a coffee flavor to a certain part of the day, meaning you can drink coffee whenever you need it. This also reflects on the café itself, being open 0-24. To think about sustainability, you only have to buy the paper bag once: after it’s empty, you can bring it to the café and the barista will fill it up for you for the same price.

For the packaging, I designed labels that stick on an organic paper bag. The result is 3 flavors of coffee: chili & chocolate for mornings, orange & cinnamon for afternoons, and pepper & mint for evenings. The illustrations symbolize the flavors and the colors refer to what part of the day you should drink it.


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