Raras is a limited edition wine, created with bottles of unique shapes that are usually discarded in the factory, to put on the table the research of rare diseases. This solidarity initiative has been developed by Agencia Kids in collaboration with Feder (the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases) and the winery Bodegas Arráez.

All profits will go to help promote research into rare diseases and aims to bring to the table a topic that usually has little visibility: rare diseases.

500 bottles rescued and a unique wine created for this collection.

During the production process of Bodegas Arráez bottles, and this happens in all wineries, a percentage of bottles that come out with some defect are discarded. These bottles, with different shapes, are returned to the beginning of the production process as raw material.

The market would not accept a crooked or differently shaped bottle to be put on sale. In this Valencian winery they decided to do much more with them, giving them the value that unique objects like these have. Far from industrial production, the filling process has been adapted to the shape of each bottle, making the process much more artisanal and careful.

The wine is made from an unusual combination of grapes specially chosen for this initiative. Forcallat is a typical grape variety of Levante, which in recent years has been forgotten due to its lower alcohol content and color, however, it provides great freshness and subtlety. Although Monastrell is one of the quintessential varieties of the Terres del Alforins area, it has been cultivated in a small historic plot recovered in the foothills of Capurutxo, a mountain in Font de la Figuera.

You can buy the bottles and collaborate with FEDER through the Bodegas Arráez website at https://bodegasarraez.com/product/raras/



Feder, Bodegas Arráez