Onmi Design

Rebranding and positioning for one of the pioneering brands in the food sector in Spain.

“Everything good happens around a table.” Under this premise, we developed the concept of “A LA MESA” (At the Table). Once this concept was solidified, the brand’s story and aesthetics naturally unfolded.

Our aim was to create a brand that would recapture the values and the sense of nostalgia associated with the product, evoking all the emotions that arise around a table.

We were driven to craft packaging that felt authentic and brimming with personality, capable of capturing attention on the shelves of any deli aisle.

This project had the potential to result in a dry, commercial production. However, the combination of bold typography, the use of a vibrant color palette, and incorporating illustrations within its graphic system transforms PURLOM into a brand that stands out for its innovative character within a traditionally classic sector. All the while, it maintains its identity as a small, family-oriented brand.

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