19 Crimes gets a modern refresh


19 Crimes, in collaboration with Denomination, gets a modern refresh without losing its rebellious spirit.

Launched over a decade ago, 19 Crimes disrupted the wine market with its unique approach. However, to maintain its shelf presence and appeal to the evolving preferences of younger adult consumers, the original design needed a refresh. Denomination has masterfully redefined the presentation of these legendary bottles, ensuring 19 Crimes continues to captivate and expand its family of enthusiasts, especially amongst younger adults seeking a deeper connection with their choice of wine.

The redesign delicately enhances the brand’s iconic convict imagery, introducing a lighter, fresher background that immediately signals a move towards modernity. This evolution respects the brand’s roots while addressing the visual and informational needs of today’s wine drinkers. A newly integrated QR code on the back label bridges the gap between history and technology, offering an immersive Augmented Reality experience that breathes life into the stories of each convict.

The front label now features tasting notes and a wine style scale from light to bold, demystifying wine selection for newcomers. This innovative addition, along with a striking color accent that hints at the flavor profile and partially conceals the convicts’ offenses, invites curiosity and engagement.

The packaging is further elevated with gold foil detailing and high-build varnish accents, adding layers of premiumness and authenticity. These enhancements not only honor the legacy of the 19 Crimes but also invite a new generation to explore the rich narratives and flavors each bottle holds.


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